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The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Centre established in 1998 at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital has relocated from Happy Valley to the HKSH Healthcare Medical Centre in Admiralty to bring high quality service even closer to you. We continue to abide by our motto of "Quality in Service • Excellence in Care", and has brought in a new team of doctors highly experienced and wellrespected in the realm. By promoting and fostering a knowledge and expertise sharing platform, we can stay abreast of new advances in treatment options or techniques through an invaluable, extended network of doctors. The Centre has also substantially expanded its scope of services through a series of equipment upgrade and new purchases, to ensure the provision of high quality, comprehensive and multidisciplinary medical services that you have come to expect of us.

The HKSH Healthcare Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Centre is now in service on 23/F, One Pacific Place in Admiralty. Situated in the heart of Hong Kong's central business district, the location is unparalleled in convenience and can be easily accessed by MTR and other modes of transportation. Overlooking the grand cityscape of Central and Victoria Harbour, individual waiting rooms and consultation rooms are specially designed to ensure privacy and inspire comfort.

Our procedure rooms utilise positive room pressurisation and temperature / humidity control in keeping with stringent infection control standards. Laser treatment rooms are fully equipped with “medically proven and certified” equipment to ensure not only optimal results, but also patient safety. Skin laser, injection treatments and procedures involving local anesthesia can be carried out at the Centre. Procedures requiring inpatient care, such as cases done under general anaesthesia, reconstructive surgery of congenital defect, will continue to be performed at the Hospital in Happy Valley.

All of our services are conducted by our highly qualified team of 3 resident and 4 sessional plastic and reconstructive surgeons, each with different area of expertise and all with rich clinical experiences. Our dedicated nursing team is well-versed in the operation of the Hospital and the Centre, and plays an instrumental role in ensuring a pleasant experience throughout your transformation journey, attending to and serving your every need not only during treatment and procedure but also during pre-operative evaluation and postoperative care.

Please make an appointment with our doctors for consultation, assessment and treatment plan. Our doctors will walk you through different treatment options that may be available to you, explaining the benefits of different approaches and possible side effects / complications and price implications.

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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Centre

Address:   Level 23, One Pacific Place,
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