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HKSH community nursing service provides holistic and continuous care and treatments to patients of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and HKSH Healthcare in their homes. Specialised and qualified nurses will conduct clinical assessments and carry out tailor-made care plans during home visits, allowing patients to receive treatments and recover in their home environment. As for complex cases, community nurses will discuss with and report to designated doctors when appropriate to ensure the best possible care to patients.


  • To deliver a coordinated healthcare service through the supporting network of the Hospital and HKSH Healthcare
  • To empower patients and their caregivers towards self-reliance on disease management
  • To promote primary health education

Target Patients

  • Patients that are unable to attend the Hospital, the medical centres of HKSH Healthcare or clinics of doctors granted with Hospital Privileges due to health profiles
  • Patients that require regular follow-up and monitoring at home
  • Patients that require specialty care to enhance self-disease management


General Care
  • Tube care (e.g. Gastrostomy tube: PEG, nasogastric tubes, urinary catheters and central venous catheters)
  • Wound care (e.g. Pressure injury ulcers, foot ulcer and fungating wounds)
  • Drug administration (e.g. Intravenous injections)
  • Specimen collection and testing (e.g. Blood taking)
  • Home safety assessment and support

Specialty Care
  • Geriatric care (e.g. Nutrition counselling and fall prevention education)
  • Continence care (e.g. Bladder training, constipation care, removal of urinary catheter)
  • Palliative care / End-of-life care
  • Postnatal and infant care
  • Surgical care (e.g. Post-surgical care, wound and drain care, ostomy care)

Chronic Disease Management
  • Cardiac rehabilitation (e.g. Medication education, guidance on exercise and diet education)
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation (e.g. Home ventilators and home oxygen therapy care)
  • Diabetic care (e.g. Blood glucose monitoring and education on insulin injections)
  • Stroke rehabilitation (e.g. Home safety assessment, guidance on exercise and diet)
  • Renal care (e.g. Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis and Tenckhoff exit site care)


Community nursing services are arranged upon referrals by doctors. For more information, please contact our staff members at wards of the Hospital or medical centres of HKSH Healthcare.

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HKSH Community Nursing Service
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