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HKSH Comprehensive Oncology Centre (Island East) provides comprehensive and holistic cancer management that covers a wide range of areas, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, cellular therapy, nuclear medicine therapy, and more. The Centre is also equipped with world-class, cutting-edge cancer treatment technologies, such as the Asia’s first clinically applied MR Linac, Radixact X9 and Hong Kong’s first proton therapy system. These advanced technology enable us to provide patients with the most precise, personalised and effective treatment options.

Our multidisciplinary medical team has the depth of expertise to tackle even the most complex cases, and each patient is assigned with a case nurse to provide personalised support throughout their treatment journey. We also offer a wide spectrum of clinical and support services, including genetic screening and diagnosis, cancer therapies, pain management, rehabilitation, psychological counselling and dietary advice, all tailored to meet to the individual needs of patients.

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HKSH Comprehensive Oncology Centre
(Island East)

Address:   11/F, HKSH Eastern Building
3 Tung Wong Road,Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 2917 1200
Fax: 2892 7599
Email: oncology@hksh-emc.com
WhatsApp:   (852) 2917 1200 (For non-emergency cases)
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