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HKSH Breast Surgery Centre (Island East) convenes a team of various specialists, including breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, oncologists, radiation therapists, radiologists, psychologists, and pathologists, to deliver comprehensive breast screening, biopsies, and specialised diagnosis and treatment for women. Individualised treatment plans are customised for the management of benign tumours or breast cancer, with the objective of enhancing effectiveness and reducing trauma. Furthermore, the Centre provides breast reconstruction surgery as well as prompt psychological counseling and emotional support.

Tumour Board Meeting for Breast Cancer
The Centre holds a weekly expert meeting specialists in breast cancer treatment, wherein experts from breast surgery, oncology, radiology, and pathology collaborate to assess treatment plans for breast cancer patients and develop the most optimal approach to treatment. Patient confidentiality is strictly maintained during the conference, and the outcomes are subsequently communicated to the patients by their attending physician.

  • Breast Screening, Breast Surgical Consultation
  • Benign Breast Lumps Treatment / Surgery
  • Benign Breast Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Breast Biopsy
  • Breast Cancer Surgery

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HKSH Breast Surgery Centre
(Island East)

Address:   11/F, HKSH Eastern Building
3 Tung Wong Road,Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 2917 5850
Fax: 2892 7448
Email: bsc@hksh-emc.com